French condoms can leave bizarre tan lines

Who better than the French to unfurl some cheeky fun in the prophylactic category? TBWA's ads for Hansaplast long-pleasure condoms have a beach theme, and though the gals keep their swimsuits on, those handprints suggest they were probably removed (or subverted) at some point for a decent (or maybe indecent) length of time. Said indentations imply a midday frolic in plain sight, but this is France, so probably nobody cared. At any rate, these ads are more naughty and playful than recent U.S. efforts by LifeStyles (frantic but soft-core) and Trojan ("stimulus package" line cute, but patriotic theme patently unsexy). As for Hansaplast … whoa! What's that blonde been up to? Her priceless, world-weary expression says it all. Ooh, la la! Via Ads of the World.

—Posted by David Gianatasio