Free PR offering generates its own free PR

Jackbill Possibly unable to lure any paying clients in these tough economic times, PR agency Porter Novelli says it’s creating a “pop-up fashion agency” called Jack + Bill that will “provide free branding, buzz building, media relations and viral marketing services to one individual in each of the following categories: model, stylist, women’s apparel designer and jewelry designer.” (The name comes from founders Jack Porter and Bill Novelli.) What’s more, Jack + Bill “will host an open ‘casting call’ on July 15 and 16 to select its clients.” The average age of the Jack + Bill staff is 26, so you know Tweeting, texting, Facebook and phosphorescent street-art promos are on tap for the lucky clients who get selected. Maybe I’m cynical. I could actually use some fashion advice. Hey, Jack + Bill, what goes with black? I can never remember.

—Posted by David Gianatasio