FREAKY AD MOMENTS OF 2007, Vote #16: Boobs board, milked man, Whiskey Dicks

Vote16 Freakiest Advertising Moment of 2007: Round 1, Vote 16.
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  Here are contenders 61 through 64.
  61. Lincoln Financial’s future-you ads. Lincoln wants you to meet your future self. As if your present self weren’t enough of a burden.
  62. Plastic surgeon’s boobs billboard. “Finally, a gift you both can enjoy.” Classy.
  63. Skittles’ milked man. Skittles Sours cause a man to lactate sour milk.
  64. The “Viva Viagra” guys. Memorably dubbed the Whiskey Dicks by Copyranter, these guys liked singing about Viagra a bit too much.
  Vote below for the freakiest of the four. Voting goes until 11 p.m. EST Thursday, and the winner advances to Round 2.
  UPDATE: Skittles’ milked man easily wins this group and takes  the final spot in the second round. See the voting results here.

—Posted by Tim Nudd