FREAKY AD MOMENTS OF 2007, Vote #13: Bird-poop eaters, stomach arms, dead fruit

Vote13 Freakiest Advertising Moment of 2007: Round 1, Vote 13.
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  Here are contenders 49 through 52.
  49. VW’s bird-poop-eating ad. A Volkswagen owner is appalled to find some bird poop on his hood. So, he does the logical thing. He licks it up.
  50. Vex’s slaughtered fruit. Slicing and dicing fruit to create one’s Strawberry Orange Banana Hard Lemonade is a messy business in this slasher-film homage.
  51. Ballpark’s stomach-arm ads. A third arm busts forth from the stomachs of hungry slackers in this campaign for Ballpark hot dogs.
  52. Innocent’s existential orange. A despondent orange writes a suicide note and then ends it all in this spot for Innocent Smoothies.
  Vote below for the freakiest of the four. Voting goes until 11 p.m. EST Thursday, and the winner advances to Round 2.
  UPDATE: The VW spot licks the competition and advances. See the voting results here.

—Posted by Tim Nudd