FREAKIEST ADVERTISING MOMENT OF 2007: Dexter’s viral defeats Pioneer for the title

After two weeks of brutal competition, the viral campaign for the Showtime program Dexter, which encouraged you to send terrifying videos to friends suggesting they were about to be offed by a serial killer, has won AdFreak’s Freakiest Ad Moment of 2007 contest. Pioneer’s laughing eyeballs put up a good fight but are no longer laughing, as Dexter prevails with about 55 percent of the final vote. Kudos also go to Canada’s Lost Jaw guy and Skittles’ milked man for making impressive runs to the Final Four, despite their rather obvious physiological handicaps. (See the final bracket here.) We believe that the British digital ad agency Ralph created the Dexter viral, so we’ll get a nice champions’ package together for them. Failing that, we may just send them a threatening e-mail. Thanks to all of you for voting. And keep the freaky ads coming.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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