Two of the Final Four slots are set in our Freakiest Ad of 2008 contest: the Evil Head headless dude and the Doritos spicy tongue. The competition continues now with this third group of ads. Vote for the freakiest of the eight ads at the bottom of the post. The top vote-getter gets a Final Four place. See all 32 finalists here, in alphabetical order.
  UPDATE: This vote is now closed, and we have our third Final Four contestant: Converse’s expert kisser, Ross. Extended Stay Motels and the ALS Society of Canada put up a valiant fight.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

Donate Life California | “Maggot”

When you die, this non-profit suggested, donate your organs to your fellow humans, not to insect larvae. [Read more]

ALS Society of Canada | “Head & Shoulders”

This gut-wrenching PSA used a children’s song to depict the ravages of ALS. [Read more]

Extended Stay Motels | “Lick”

A woman figured that licking everything in sight was the best way to check a room’s cleanliness in this spot for the motel chain. [Read more]

Kincho | “Android”

The Japanese company turned to a creepy, fake-smiling fembot to promote its sunscreen. [Read more]

Converse |

Ross taught many a lonely Web surfer how to kiss, with gusto, on his very own Converse-branded Web site. [Read more]

Amnesty International | “The Stuff of Life”

Another disturbing PSA: this one from Amnesty, depicting the waterboarding torture technique. [Read more]

Colombian Association of Arterial Hypertension | “Home”

The rotting undead, doomed by high cholesterol, livened up this Colombian health campaign. [Read more]

X-travel | “Boeing 737”

This unnerving viral for a Dutch travel agency showed an airplane crash-landing into the Mediterranean. [Read more]