Our Freakiest Ad of 2008 contest continues with this second group of ads. Vote for the freakiest of these eight masterpieces at the bottom of this post. The top vote-getter goes to the Final Four.
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  The results of the first group are here.
  UPDATE: Voting is now closed for this group, and the Doritos spicy-tongue commercial emerges victorious, despite a valiant and bloody challenge from the New Zealander on his deathbed.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

Treximet | “Heads Off”

Women with migraines literally lost their heads in this OTC pharmaceutical spot. [Read more]

McDonald’s | “Nose”

This nightmarish Swedish commercial for McDonald’s coffee might keep you up at night. [Read more]

Steimatzky Bookstore | “Shrunken Head”

This ad for an Israeli bookstore ridiculed non-readers for their shrunken, intellectually impoverished heads. [Read more]

Lotus | “Faceless People”

The automaker Lotus decried the loss of individuality with ads (and street marketing) starring faceless people. [Read more]

Skittles | “Piñata”

A human piñata recovered from a beating at the hands of a Skittles-seeking colleague in this off-kilter spot. [Read more]

Mebucaïne | “Throats”

Misplaced mouths cried for help in this campaign for a Novartis throat lozenge. [Read more]

Doritos | “Tongue”

A wayward spicy tongue ruined a young couple’s date in this Doritos commercial. [Read more]

Land Transport NZ | “Bed”

New Zealand tackled the issue of drivers falling asleep at the wheel with all the subtlety of a splattered skull. [Read more]