We’ve posted our 2008 Year in Review. Now, it’s time for our other annual tradition: voting to select the single Freakiest Ad of 2008.
  Here are the 32 finalists, in alphabetical order.
  We’ve randomly divided that list into four groups of eight. The top vote-getter in each group will advance to the Final Four.
  Below is the first group. Vote at the bottom for the freakiest.
  (Also, you can see the 2007 results here.)
  UPDATE: Voting is now closed for this group. The Evil Dead the Musical commercial dominated, winning 72 percent of the vote. The Dunkelviffer spot got about 16 percent. None of the other ads did well at all.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

Evil Dead the Musical | “Marquee”

This promo encouraged viewers to attend the musical, but maybe not linger beneath the marquee. [Read more]

Dunkelziffer | “Tentacle”

This ultra-creepy German ad depicted the lingering trauma of sexual abuse. [Read more]

American Asthma Foundation | “Park”

This PSA conveyed the experience of an asthma attack on a shockingly visceral level. [Read more]

Southwest Airlines | “The Other Side”

This spot characterized the employees at rival airlines as two-faced freak-show monsters. [Read more]

GotVMail | “Business Ideas by Gary Busey”

The very insane Gary Busey offered manic, nonsensical business tips in this collection of 40 spots. [Read more]

Aware Helpline | “Just as Horrific”

These anatomically jarring PSAs from Singapore made the case that verbal abuse can be just as horrific as physical abuse. [Read more]

Easy Living magazine | “Amy”

The troubled singer stripped down for this British magazine’s breast-cancer awareness campaign. [Read more]

TM Advertising | “Jitsu’s Secret”

The Texas shop’s intra-agency YouTube challenge featured a shocking admission from Masters of the Universe character Jitsu. [Read more]

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