Frank Ocean Gets the Last (Four-Letter) Word in Spat With Chipotle

Singer returns payment with note to 'F--- Off'

Remember that viral Chipotle ad featuring an animated scarecrow battling evil factory farms while Fiona Apple crooned a version of Pure Imagination over top? Apparently, Frank Ocean had an earlier crack at singing a version of the song but backed out before the spot was finished.

The reason, his lawyers claim, is that the brand tried to sneak in a Chipotle logo at the end after telling Ocean it was a video to promote responsible farming and also reneged on a promise to give him final approval.

The burrito chain denies those were terms of the deal and has filed suit against Ocean (born Christopher Breaux) for the half of the $425,000 that it paid him in advance. In response, Ocean posted to his Tumblr an image of a check for $212,500 (right above a separate post linking to the Wikipedia page about defamation). The payee line on the check is redacted, but the memo message reads, perfectly clearly, "Fuck Off."

Via Gawker.

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