Fourth quarter

timnudd: i’m waiting for the tabasco ad. i loved the "mosquito," which i think was back in 1998. also quite enjoyed the toyota prius ad with the people walking in place. good news for planet earth, good news for the super bowl ads
cpealet: i thought the prius ad was really cool. a great way to marry a memorable visual to what they were actually trying to get across.
Tabascocpealet: did you miss the Tabasco ad? It was really dumb.
timnudd: oh really?
cpealet: you couldn’t miss what product it was for since the girl was wearing a bikini that said "Tabasco" all over it.
timnudd: the patriots might blow it open here. it’s 21-14 and they look like they might score again
cpealet: Ok, it’s Cedric 3, Burt Reynolds, 2. Cedric’s second Bud ad.
timnudd: and another chimp ad – this time he kisses the boss’s butt. all 3 ads had butt jokes. butts are funny – photocopied, simulated or kissed
cpealet: other weird super bowl ad occurrences. The plot of that Cedric designated driver ad for Bud was virtually the same as that for the P. Diddy Diet Pepsi ad.
cpealet: butts are funny. so if someone scores here and they do that fake moon thing with their butt, would that be synergy?
timnudd: the eagles are in a hole now, 24-14 – they really need a score here
timnudd: the emerald nuts ad was humorous – the easter bunny was a little odd looking, no? he seemed very small
cpealet: that was one of my favorites. but on the bunny, I beg to differ. if it was a real bunny wouldn’t he have been even smaller?
timnudd: true. i guess i envisioned a 5-foot super bunny
cpealet: You live in a dream world. Ok, so when is Tedy Bruschi going to get that Bud endorsement deal? Come on beer marketers! You’re not paying attention!
timnudd: this just in from a friend’s party – they loved the fedex spot from the first quarter. did i miss something?
cpealet: I don’t get it. Burt Reynolds and a dancing bear?
timnudd: so we’re getting close to the 2-minute warning. the eagles look like they’ve given up
Pepsicpealet: the fourth quarter, a little dull. but pretty good to get this far into the game and still have it be a game. OK. we’re getting into the repeats. P. Diddy for Diet Pepsi. Again.
timnudd: wasn’t much better this time around
cpealet: I dunno. I just find that the advertising this year is so predictable. It’s the easy joke, which, except for our favorite (that would be the chimp photocopying his butt, of course) is too easy.
cpealet: oh man! Philadelphia scores! strike that remark about the fourth quarter being a little dull.
timnudd: i would agree with you on the ads. careerbuilder did ok with the chimps – buying 3 spots also helps
cpealet: yeah. but by the third time I thought I was looking at the same ad. Was I?
timnudd: no, they were all different. but i know what you mean
cpealet: it’s like, "oh, here’s that ad with the chimps again." I’ll go get a drink.
timnudd: so what do you say – the game beat the ads this year, by a good margin, in our knee-jerk, unscientific analysis
cpealet: it may be knee-jerk and unscientific, but I think it’s entirely accurate to say the game was much better than the ads.
timnudd: looks like philly will have one last chance – there’s a minute left, and they’re getting the ball
cpealet: interception at nine seconds. that’s the ball game.