This Fourth of July, Dixie Salutes Salad-Loving Men and Wants You to Stop Shaming Them

Go on, enjoy that endive proudly

Dear men of the world: The Fourth of July is just around the corner, which means it's time to fire up the grill and break out all the meat. Some of you are surely thrilled by the idea of cooking up a juicy steak with an ice-cold beer in your hand. Others will sit back in fear, knowing they have to hide their one true food love—salad—from friends and family out of fear of being ridiculed. 

Dixie knows it can be hard for men to feel accepted at holiday events when they stack their sturdy Dixie plates and bowls full of leafy greens instead of beefy meats.

But don't fret, men of America. There's finally a solution. Dixie's new campaign from Droga5 is here to set arugula-loving men across the country free—by putting salad shaming to rest.

"Maybe it's your third barbeque this weekend. Maybe you're just going through a thing. Or maybe you just want some damn endive," the narrator says. It shouldn't matter, the spot argues. It is Independence Day, after all, and these oppressed men should feel free to eat whatever food groups they want. 

The concept is of course a little silly, fighting for a man's right to eat salad without shame. But the script is funny enough, and those slow-motion takes of men throwing plates filled with meat on the ground are pretty fire. 

Outside of the 60-second "We the Salad Men" anthem, Dixie has also released a Facebook carousel featuring different summer salad recipes for men to cook up, including a hearty seven-layer salad and a Greek pasta salad. The spot will be pushed out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram throughout the holiday weekend. 

Here's hoping that on this Fourth of July, men across the country will feel comfortable and proud when enjoying a salad in front of their other dude friends, and their dude friends will stop making fun of them for eating greens.


Client: Dixie

Campaign: We the Salad Men

Agency: Droga5 NY

Creative Chairman: David Droga

Chief Creative Officer: Ted Royer

Creative Director: Devon Hong

Creative Director: Jeff Scardino

Junior Art Director: Tommaso Fontanella

Junior Copywriter: Ted Meyer

Chief Creation Officer: SallyAnn Dale

Social Producer: Luke Bumgarner

Global Chief Strategy Officer: Jonny Bauer

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Senior Director of Content: Shari Neumann

Senior Brand Director: Andrew Noble

Director, Brand Building Leader: Teresa Bossong

Associate Brand Manager: Nandini Subramanya

Social Media Coordinator: Brooke Lujano

Production Company: D5 Films

Director: Brian Lannin

DOP: Brian Lannin

Producer: Sara Vander Horn

Editor/Sound Mixer: Eric Harnden