Foursquare counting on … Pee-wee Herman


There is a template for social-media tools that want to go mainstream. Twitter showed that celebrities really make a difference. Think of all Ashton Kutcher and Oprah Winfrey did for it. Now, Foursquare, fast growing but still with only 3.6 million users, is also hoping to turn to the celebrity circuit—only it appears to be getting the leftovers. Pee-wee Herman is holding a "Pee-wee parade" with the service today. The idea is that Pee-wee will check in all over New York City. The idle can follow his travels and earn the honor of a Pee-wee badge, which qualifies them for a special surprise from Pee-wee if they show it at a midtown theater. (No, not an adult theater.) So far, Herman has attracted more than 7,200 followers on Foursquare. He was last seen in Little Italy.