Forst beer happy to be your drinking buddy

We've got a new trend in beer ads: inanimate objects suddenly becoming ambulatory. First, we had Heineken's walking fridge, which amused some Dutch dudes who, let's face it, probably need the brews to chill after partying on the stronger stuff. Now, Forst gets into the act via ad agency Cayenne with a print campaign featuring cute (but kind of disturbing) humanoid bottles. Unlike the scruffy, socialist Dutch commercials, these Italian ads get positively romantic, depicting sun-drenched lakeside vistas and dreamy late-night jaunts. The quasi-suggestive copy ("We only let it go out if you bring it back to us," advertising the returnable bottles) and hand-holding ad above suggest a kind of unwholesome amore probably aroused by a quickly downed six-pack. Or 12-pack. Instead of escorting an empty bottle down starlit streets, that hipster should find a designative driver and sleep it off at home. Via Ads of the World.

—Posted by David Gianatasio