Forget the dishes, save the penguins

Next time your penguin gets caught in an oil spill, reach for the Dawn. That’s basically the message of the 30-second spot at, which points out how Dawn is the consumer product of choice when it comes to cleaning—and saving—the animal victims of environmental disasters. A reader tipped us off to the commercial (thanks to Bill, who noticed this campaign on his friend’s blog), and honestly, we’ve no idea how long it’s been out there. As the product’s URL implies, the commercial is part of an entire effort built around Dawn’s commitment to the environment. The site wants to inspire one million people to join the cause of stopping humans from harming the environment and features a blog written by the winner of the Dawn Difference Diaries contest, whose prize is working with six wildlife rescue organizations. We’re all for helping the environment, but let’s circle back for a moment to the whole marketing premise here. Does this campaign stray too far from what the product’s normal use is, or not? There doesn’t seem to be a dirty dish in sight.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor