Football exhibits not that fun for the ladies

The New England Patriots are 11-0, no doubt en route to a rare undefeated NFL season, the first since the Miami Dolphins in 1972. The Pats will surely win their fourth Super Bowl in seven years, cementing their status as a modern sports dynasty. On Sunday afternoons, my apartment building in the Boston suburbs rocks with the televised sounds of the game, cheers from my neighbors and blaring car horns from the street. Frenzied cries echo down Beacon Street: “Pats rule! Pats rule!” Oh, and in related news, the Pittsburgh Steelers have some kind of exhibit up at the Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum. The ads, from Garrison Hughes, show deserted male hangout spots and lonely females—it seems all the guys are off at the museum! How are these things related? The Steelers travel east to play the Pats a week from Sunday, after which Steeler fans will feel the same existential despair shown in these commercials! The Steelers are 8-3. Man, they suck.

—Posted by David Gianatasio