Folks line up down the street for McShrek

OK, McDonald’s: No mas! From all those e-mails yesterday and the 1 zillion items on Google News, I get the message: You’ve got a Shrek promotion afoot. An ogre-sized global Shrek campaign with TV spots and talking toys and interactive tie-ins. And it’s all about promoting kids’ health (something you may or may not be well suited for). Or spurring their imaginations. Or something. It’s the biggest thing ever on the planet, movie tie-in wise. And it gels so nicely: Shrek is green, “green marketing” is in. You’re making a little business history. I’d write a song to commemorate the occasion, but Mark Knopfler already chronicled your early days quite cogently indeed. The riff is hypnotic, and if the lyrics are a bit sarcastic, well, just remember: Kroc-odiles are green, too. They’re just not spelled that way. (Full disclosure: I really do love your fries.)

—Posted by David Gianatasio