Folgers print ads almost as weird as the TV

You’ve met the insane glowing death brigade from the Folgers TV spot. Now here’s some print work in the same “Tolerate mornings” campaign from Saatchi & Saatchi. The top line of copy on the coffee mug reads, “The alarm clock ruins everything,” which seems to suggest that the image behind the LED display is some sort of dream that’s been interrupted. And what a dream it is. Chicken bodies dancing in T-shirts. A guy with cutlery wings cruising in with some kind of flag and wielding a gigantic spork. I can’t even guess what’s going on with the castle-type thing in the upper left. (I wish I could find a larger image of the ad.) There are three more ads here, here and here, at Ads of the World. If these are the kinds of dreams that Folgers drinkers are having, they may have already moved on to stronger drugs. UPDATE: OK, a larger version of the ad was posted on Ads of the World all along; I stupidly missed it. (Click the image above—it’ll bring up a decent-size pic.) Anyway, this makes it a bit clearer (though no less disturbing) what’s going on. The castle thing is an oven; the chickens (if that’s what they are—their skin looks potato-ish), having been cooked, are wearing T-shirts that read, “Pick me!,” “Eat me!,” and “I’m yummy!” Basically, it’s a Dali-like hunger dream of some kind. Weird but beautiful.

—Posted by Tim Nudd