Folgers engagement ad sexist or just lame?

The Folgers brand is no stranger to cornball sentimentality, but an ad that debuted late last year may have officially exposed them as an arm of the patriarchy. It's the spot where the dad cautions his daughter about staying out late and she responds by showing an engagement ring and saying, "Well, you're not gonna have to worry about that anymore." A TV Squad writer sees this as an adult woman "telling her dad that the responsibility for her care has passed from him to her husband-to-be," and he "just didn't think people behaved or thought that way in 2010." Others have been slow to agree, however. Even the commenters at the bottom mostly think he's getting worked up for no reason. I agree with them. I heard it as the girl telling her dad that her partying days are over once she gets married (or telling him to STFU because that ring is her ticket out of her dad's curfew jurisdiction). That said, this ad is still a little too 1950s for me. More important, it has jack all squat to do with coffee.

—Posted by David Kiefaber