Florida Newspaper’s Front Page Is Practically Throbbing With 2-Hour Erection Ad

No unsatisfied readers, publisher says

It can get really, really hard to turn away ad dollars in the newspaper industry, but here's a case where the raging desire for revenue is practically erupting across the front page.

Today's South Florida Sun Sentinel prominently features a local Ponzi scheme update, a photo from the Heat's semifinals win … oh, and a page-width ad about erections. 

"When you come to our clinic, you get FIRM," boasts Maxim Men's Clinic, which also promises "erections from 30 min – 2 hours." 

Sure, erectile dysfunction went mainstream more than a decade ago, but this ad practically makes AshleyMadison look classy.

Poynter reached out to the publisher and asked if the staff had received any reader complaints. He responded: "I have gotten zero."

UPDATE: According to media observer Jim Romenesko, the publisher now says the placement was "an honest mistake" and was supposed to appear in Sports. 

Image via the Newseum.

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