With Flavor Flav, Miller Lite shows taste

Flavorflajp_yimzumanewscomLove them or hate them, there is one thing the people at Crispin, Porter + Bogusky can be universally praised for this year, and that’s casting Flavor Flav in an ad, the Miller Lite spot “Great Taste Trial”  (which, unfortunately, is not available for streaming at Miller’s site). Before Flav resurfaced on VH1 reality shows like The Surreal Life and Strangelove (in which he carried on a torrid affair with Brigitte Nielsen), the world had been missing Flav (born William Drayton). Still, it’s worth pondering how VH1 even thought a bunch of no-name, flash-in-the-pan celebrities even deserved to speak to a member of hip-hop royalty. Flav proudly displayed gold teeth long before anyone else did, and made wall clocks a personal accessory. Yeah Boyeeee! [UPDATE: A reader with greater insight and savvy than us pointed us to the ad at tastetrial.com. Word of warning: it may take you awhile to actually find the ad within the site.]

—Posted by Celeste Ward

Credit: J.P. Yim/ZUMA/Newscom