First look at Lenny Dykstra's 'Players Club'

Heading into a recession, with print advertising nearly universally in the toilet, it’s an interesting time to start a magazine. But former Phillies and Mets star Lenny Dykstra does not let that daunt him. The first issue of The Players Club, his magazine for pro athletes looking for sensible ways to spend their millions, arrived in the office. Lenny, who was profiled recently in The New Yorker as he prepared for the launch, spared no expense on the paper stock. The Players Club is so exclusive, it doesn’t have a Web site. The advertiser list is predictable but impressive: several full-page ads from private jet companies, lots of disturbingly fancy watches, some cigars and luxury cars. As for content, The Players Club rightly goes for short and snappy, rather than New York Review of Books-type essays. There’s the obligatory cover puff piece on Derek Jeter, a ranking of rich athletes and the world’s best golf courses. My personal favorite: a photo spread of the Phillies’ Met killer Pat Burrell in a $4,500 Savile Row suit. UPDATE: Turns out they do have a Web site of sorts.