First-Ever Barbie Spot From 1959 Is So Sweet and Innocent. Isn’t It?

We've seen some crazy ads with Barbie (and Barbie-style) dolls lately—David Lynch's nutso coffee spot, and Wieden + Kennedy's Gaga-like dance number for Nokia. So, let's go back to basics with this 1959 Mattel ad, supposedly the first Barbie spot ever. Sing it with me! "Barbie's small and so petite/Her clothes and figure look so neat … someday I'm gonna be exactly like you/Until then I know exactly what I'll do/Barbie, beautiful Barbie/I'll make believe I am you." OK, this is just as creepy as the new stuff, if not more so. New challenge: Find a Barbie ad that's in no way unsettling. Maybe the '80s? Via American Copywriter.