Firm uncovers SWI: Shopping while intoxicated

Brit_beerWe read this morning that someone has done an official study on British Internet shopping trends and discovered that many of our across-the-pond relatives are going on online shopping binges while drunk and/or “in a state of undress” (their words, not ours). The syndrome even has a highly appropriate acronym: BLOTO, for Buying Loads of Tat Online. The research, conducted by a U.K-based customer experience firm called Conchango, claims that 7 percent of Brits say they know someone who has shopped online while hammered, while another 6 percent claim to know someone who has shopped while unclothed. Unfortunately, there are no data points available on what they’ve bought (lava lamps in a rainbow of colors, maybe? or men’s leather pants?), or how many Brits know someone who has shopped while naked and drunk—though you’d have to believe there’s substantial overlap between the two.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor