Firebrand lives on, as unrelated PR pitches

Any company winding down has an obligation to dispose of its assets. That’s a lesson being learned right now by Firebrand, the defunct Web venture and TV show that featured nothing but commercials as content. When Firebrand got doused, its Facebook group smoldered on.Now Chris Abraham, a PR guru doofus who helped craft Firebrand’s social media strategy, is using the Firebrand TV group to pitch random stuff to the 581 lingering members. Yesterday, more than two months after Firebrand faded to black, I got a Facebook message from Chris with “an offer for bloggers in the house” to get a review copy of a self-help book. Awesome, just what I wanted. Obviously, when I signed up to keep updated on Firebrand, I was also expressing my desire to review self-help books. Tres contextual. When I contacted Chris about why he’s sending me this crap, he said that Firebrand still owed him money, so he’s using the group until they pay him. The moral: When you turn out the lights and lock the doors, make damn sure you gathered up all the keys.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey