Find Your Canine 'Doggelganger' With This Pedigree App

The Pedigree Adoption Drive in New Zealand has come up with a fun online project called Doggelganger. It's basically human-to-canine pairing software that matches you with your dog doppelganger. Based on the premise that dogs and their owners often look alike, the application uses facial recognition software to scan your image and pair you with your doggie match. I got paired with a female fox terrier mix, "a gorgeous wee girl" who absolutely loves to fetch. That was the first time I tried it. You can keep going back until you find a dog you like. The site was created by Colenso BBDO, and is sure to inspire plenty of people outside of Auckland to get their facial-recognition on. Those overseas probably can't adopt their matches, it's still cool. Also, props to BBDO on that portmanteau. It's pawesome.