Finally, a Cable Company That's Honest About How Much It Hates You

And it's a lot

"Fuck you. You'll take what we give you." That's easily the line of the year from any parody ad so far, and it comes around the 18-second mark of "The First Honest Cable Company," from Extremely Decent Films, which has gotten almost 2.5 million YouTube views in a week. Director and co-writer Nick Smith, sort of a cross between Will Robinson and Doogie Howser, does a fine job delivering the on-target faux pitch, aided by snazzy "infographics" and cloying music cues, as he explains how the corporate Internet-cable oligopoly is able to screw consumers and blithely "raise our prices to optimum cockbag levels." Big cable and Internet providers are such easy targets, so this is basically a can't-miss concept, but it's a flawless execution with a bit of economic education along the way. Thankfully, there are options on the horizon virtually guaranteed to relieve our collective pain. The progressive, right-minded folks at Google have our best interests at heart and would never dream of telling us to F-off. Right? Right?!