Filthy modern-day Bradys promote Agion

Boston’s Captains of Industry puts its finger on the pop-culture pulse, circa 1970, for this Brady Bunch-themed site touting SilverClene24, a microbe-killing disinfectant from Agion. We’re invited to “Click now to watch Florence Henderson in this hysterically revolting comedy.” There’s lots of toilet humor, so the videos are funnier than most episodes of The Brady Bunch, like the one where the kids have a close encounter with a flying saucer. Is Florence starting to resemble ’70s comic Rip Taylor, or is it just me? You’re right: I’m the one who looks more like Rip. The youngest Brady on the site is black, no doubt a jibe at the suburban conformity of Nixon-era prime-time fare, or a tongue-in-cheek comment on our own P.C. times—or something. There appears to be no intra-cast romance whatsoever, lesbian or otherwise. (Oh, on second viewing, the UFO episode actually is funnier than this.)

—Posted by David Gianatasio