'Fight Club' Soap Now a Real Product

But it's not made from fat liposuctioned out of rich women

The first rule of Fight Club soap used to be that you couldn't actually buy Fight Club soap. That's now changed. In today's defictionalized product news, Omni Consumer Products has created the first official Fight Club soap using original artwork and props from the 1999 movie. Now available for purchase, it's not made from fat that's been liposuctioned out of rich women, as it was in the movie, but it is all natural. Omni claims the ingredients include electrolytes, caffeine and punching, of which the caffeine part is totally true. And yes, caffeine can be absorbed through the skin—but unless you spend a while rubbing it on yourself, don't expect the same dose as a cup of coffee. As an extra bonus, the soap is also scented with Omni's Sex Panther cologne, which, as everyone knows, works 60 percent of the time every time. (Omni also makes Stay Puft mashmallows, among other ripped-from-the-movies products.) Pair Fight Club soap with a Guy Fawkes mask and some American-made mace and you've got the perfect ironic Christmas basket for the revolutionary in your life. Also: Check out our Q&A with Pete Hottelet, the founder of Omni, on the "mocketing contortionism" of fake brands made real.