‘FHM’ viral seeks ‘Sexiest Women’ votes

Telling a guy in a chicken suit to jump up and down on a sofa is pretty fun, but wouldn’t it be more exciting, for guys at least, to interact with a barely clothed British model like Charlotte Marshall? FHM magazine thinks so, and has built a viral site around Marshall to get votes for its 100 Sexiest Women 2006 feature. On the site, in various come-hither poses and states of undress, Marshall asks visitors four questions about their ideal woman, and responds with customized answers presumably based on keywords. (It’s meant to be sexier than that sounded.) Then, based on the answers, she offers three options of women to vote for. Once you vote, you get to “enjoy some extra fun with Charlotte” in a handful of bonus clips. A special password, apparently seeded on laddie message boards around the Web, unlocks even more clips—possibly racier ones. Adotas has the inside story of the campaign in an interview with FHM’s Carlos Rodriguez. “Hundreds of keywords have been entered into the game to try and anticipate as many user responses as possible,” he says. That sounds a bit less expansive than the famous chicken, but for many guys, this so-called “High Street honey” will more than make up for it.

—Posted by Tim Nudd