Fey and Scorsese school Seinfeld and Gates


For all the debate about strategy and rebranding with those ill-fated Seinfeld Microsoft ads, my real beef was that they just weren’t that funny. Snappy dialogue and non-sequiturs can make for great ads, but the repartee between Seinfeld and Gates just felt weak. To see celebrity banter done right, you need only watch Tina Fey and Martin Scorsese in Ogilvy’s American Express campaign. A new spot starring the pair aired during the Emmys on Sunday. Check out the extended version over on AdGabber. (The spot actually plays out the punch line of an earlier ad, "Airport Lounge," which broke in July.) Every line is a classic as Scorsese tries to sell Fey on a timeshare in Boca Raton. In addition to the sharp writing and great delivery, the ad goes the extra mile and creates a great new tourism motto for Boca: "The water’s warm, and you like sharks."

—Posted by David Griner