Fergie Leads Charge for Voter Registration in Music-Video PSA

Will unmarried women feel the L.O.V.E.?

Here are a couple of little-known factoids: 1) There's a day devoted to voter registration dubbed, appropriately enough, National Voter Registration Day. It's Sept. 25, which is Tuesday. And 2) 63 percent of unmarried women, people of color and young adults aren't registered to vote, even though they make up 53 percent of the eligible voting population. Unmarried women, who number about 20 million, by the Voter Participation Center's headcount, make up the largest group of non-voters in the country. Those figures have to be especially interesting, and alarming, to Democrats, though the public-service spot below—raising awarness of National Voter Registration Day—is strictly non-partisan. The "L.O.V.E. Let One Voice Emerge" music video is packed with celebrities like Fergie, Sheila E., Kate Walsh, Seth Green and Patti Austin, who co-wrote the earnest original song. It's a toe-tapper, if not exactly chart-topping material, with a clear message about the power of every voice. The question is, Will the right people be listening?