FCC cursing over court’s indecency ruling

Martin What could knock the looming launch of Apple’s iPhone from the media headlines? Profanity, of course. To be precise, the decision yesterday by a New York appellate court to toss out the Federal Communications Commission’s broadcast rules on “fleeting profanity.” Both sides seemed to tailor their statements for maximum press impact. The court ridiculed the FCC’s stance at length, and FCC chairman Kevin Martin invoked both the F and S words in his response. (Martin sounded like a kid at summer camp who’s just learned some naughty words, but maybe that’s not so surprising, since he looks like he’s about 14.) My point is: Bono has shilled for Apple and used profanity on network TV. And the court has paved the way for iPhone to use the U2 frontman’s infamous “Really fucking brilliant” quip as its tagline. Imagine how many Lions that would win at Cannes.

—Posted by David Gianatasio