Fayetteville spots veer Deep South of stupid

If nothing else, The Republik knows how to get folks
talking about Fayetteville, N.C., which, let's face it, is no easy task. When
last we profiled the town's outreach efforts, Statue of Liberty torch-style
flashlights sparked, well, not controversy exactly…but they were cute as
promotional knick-knacks go. Now, spots depicting Fayetteville as
"America's First Sanctuary Community for Soliders" (it's home to a
lot of military personnel) have the local media sizzling like grits on a
griddle, which, living my entire life in the Northeast, is the best I can do to
imbue this post with Southern flavor. In the clip above, an old lady with a walker
carries a guy in fatigues across the street; in the spot below, a fat dude in a wig
pesters an enlisted man making out with a blonde until townsfolk (including a
frogman and cowboy) save the day. The sub-sophomoric videos were reportedly pulled from some venues for being in bad taste. They do go against
the grain, and it's easy to see how some viewers might be offended. Still,
client and agency hail from the heart of Dixie, so a rebel stance should come as no surprise.

—Posted by David Gianatasio