Fayetteville looking for a few good patriots

Quick, name the most patriotic city in America. Did you say Fayetteville? Probably not, but that's been the town's brand positioning for the past several years. Quick, name the state Fayetteville's in. Did you say North Carolina? If you did, you're better at geography than I am. Durham ad agency The Republik pledges the allegiance of Fayetteville (and Cumberland County more generally) in a tourism and business campaign that features gifts and apparel like T-shirts, caps, ties, keychains, mugs, dog collars, pens, doormats (they're trying to build up the permanent population, too) and even a flashlight that resembles the Statue of Liberty's torch. All include stars-and-stripes imagery and slogans like "Land of the free" and "Home of the brave." It's quite a change of heart for a town that was demolished by Sherman's army in 1865 for being "offensively rebellious." Which, by the way, is probably a better tourism slogan.

—Posted by David Gianatasio