Fathers Will Love This Citroën Ad With a Dad Who Has Extremely Clingy Kids

Where can he find some relief?

It's a lot harder for a father to have fun, whatever he's doing, while his three young kids are clinging to his body at the same time.

This parenting-humor ad, aptly titled "Daddy," won a silver Lion in the Film category at Cannes last week for French automaker Citroën and Havas agency Les Gaulois.

Photographing birds, taking tango lessons and playing soccer are just a few of the hobbies that lose some of their charm for a man encumbered by his offspring. Because it's a car commercial, driving is the one thing he stills find enjoyable, with his brats somehow docile in the backseat—or at least physically off his person for a moment. (In reality, everyone knows those kids are still kicking and screaming for the whole ride.)

The ad—one of the most pro-father spots we've seen in a while—presents the same sight gag over and over again, but it stays funny because it's more or less true in spirit, a nice visual metaphor for the exhaustion that comes with hauling kids through their early years.

In fact, the character here must be the same guy as the dad from this Coca-Cola Life ad from Argentina (which won gold in Cannes) … just a few more years down the line.

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