Fanta-Flavored Print Ad Probably Not Quite as Tasty or Refreshing as Fanta Itself

The latest in edible advertising

I was just thinking how much I'd like to eat a magazine ad right about now, and along comes this edible effort from OgilvyOne in Dubai for citrus-flavored Fanta. There's abundant text, which begins, "Just tear off a piece of this page, pop in your mouth & enjoy … !" Yeah, I'll get right on that. The vile concept is clearly designed to generate free-media coverage such as this post. (This includes calling it the first of its kind, which it is not.) So, choke on it, Fanta! Metaphorically, of course. Other stories about the ad have riffed about readers "eating their words" and pondering whether the work displays "good taste." Ad reviewers—what a bunch of buffoons. Ogilvy is becoming the go-to agency for edible ads, its Cape Town office having engineered Volkswagen's "Eat the road" print ad two years ago. David would be so proud.