Fanta Fans Go Timeline Traveling on Facebook

Brand hides cartoon characters throughout history

Here's a pretty tasty early brand experiment with the new Facebook Pages. Fanta has hidden four of its cartoon characters—Gigi, Floyd, Lola and Tristan—somewhere on its timeline, which stretches back to the soda brand's founding in 1940. This week it began dropping hints about the whereabouts of Gigi, who, it turns out, was hidden in a photo back in 1956. (After fans figured it out, Fanta began adding a link directly to the photo.) To bring Gigi back to the present, fans have to like the photo 1,956 times. Expect similar clues for the other characters in the coming weeks. The brand is on the ball with the new Pages format—also check out how its profile picture merges with the larger cover photo. It's nice to see a brand embrace the new Pages as a true creative canvas. Hat tip to Griner.