Fanny Glitterwinkle and Harmony Freebush Give World’s Worst Vagina Advice in Tampon Ads

Stefan Van Der Blöed, too

Feminine hygiene brand Carefree has released some videos from DDB Sydney promoting its new website, and they're absolutely 100 percent not your typical feminine hygiene ads.

No mysterious blue liquid being poured onto a maxi pad. No woman in white walking along the beach looking unreasonably elated for someone who's supposedly on day two of her period. Instead, the spots feature three different hosts—Harmony Freebush, Fanny Glitterwinkle and Stefan Van Der Blöed—who monologue emphatically about different aspects of vaginal care.

One is devoted entirely to vagina names. The hosts and their monologues are all ridiculous (that's the point) and end with the on-screen text: "Really? For a more real take on [vaginas, periods, tampons, fill-in-the-blank], visit"

The videos range from funny to ridiculous to "watching a sex scene with your parents in the room" cringey. Stefan Van Der Blöed and his turtleneck get my vote for best videos, but you'll have to watch them all and decide for yourself which is best.