Fallon in business of molding young minds

The e-mail began: "Like a seed thrives and flourishes in a greenhouse, Fallon aims to foster young creative minds." I should have stopped there. But I read further: “Fallon has just launched their version of the Miami Ad School’s Greenhouse Program called AdKare.” Basically, students get to work at Fallon for a while for some real-world experience. Does AdKare give report cards? Adweek does, every year, to the nation’s largest agencies. Fallon’s most recent creative mark was a B+. That’s impressive, though overall the shop got a C-, owing largely to its failing financial grade. Hey, kids, enrolling in AdKare will be like getting taught by the class clown! Anyway, I’m getting into the spirit and adding an internship program to my ad school, which I launched on AdFreak last year and seems to exist only in my imagination. Ah, the mail’s arrived, and the first application is from … Steve Biegel?! It’s going to be a long semester.

—Posted by David Gianatasio