Fake ‘Repo Men’ site soaks you in ad spoofs

I've been following a trend for a while where fake products and services from movies and TV shows are advertised in the real world. Well, the upcoming Repo Men movie (due out March 19) has just put out its own fictional product site for The Union, a company which, in the movie, makes sophisticated and expensive mechanical replacement organs for humans. The site, courtesy of ad agency Goodness Mfg (and Tool of North America directors Geordie Stephens and Erich Joiner), features a humorous testimonials video (posted below), though of course, not one of the customers mentions that if you don't pay the bill, Jude Law will come and rip out your new pancreas. It also features a pretty absurd fauxmercial for Jack Soda (posted after the jump), which is sponsoring a two-for-one kidney special. To experience that Jude-Law-hunting-you-down side of the movie, you can also join Wired magazine's Repo Men contest and go on the lam for a month to win $7,500.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers