Fake girl plays in traffic to scare bad drivers


Here's a bizarre campaign allegedly promoting safe driving. Starting next Tuesday, drivers on 22nd Street in West Vancouver, Canada, will be startled by a 3-D image of a girl chasing a ball in the street. The girl is an optical illusion, but the drivers won't know that. They will react as though she were real. Officials say if you are driving at the posted speed limit of 30 kmph, you will be able to stop in time. And if you are not? They don't really get into it, though you'd have to think it might involve braking, shouting, swerving, swearing, sidewalk hopping and possibly actual-people hitting. Let's hope the children at the École Pauline Johnson Elementary School, which is said to be very close by, have been advised to avoid this particular road for the time being. Via Time's NewsFeed.