Facebook Protest in Oregon Forces Down Anti-Marijuana Billboards

Smoke 'em if you got 'em

Who knew? It seems Facebook groups can actually get things accomplished. This has been proven out in Portland, Ore., where pro-marijuana activists managed to get a group of anti-marijuana billboards around the city taken down. Part of the problem with the ads is that the drug-addled woman in them is reportedly a meth addict, not a pothead. In any case, a Facebook page called "Protest the Billboard at 122 & Division!" sprang up to mobilize opposition to the ads. The group called Clear Channel, which owns the billboard space, to complain. Clear Channel then asked the advertiser for a phone number that the activists could use to call directly, but the advertiser refused to provide one—so Clear Channel took down the ads. Cue the celebratory fattie now surely being passed around.