Facebook App Will Post Your Farewell to Friends If You Die

Set up your posthumous posts today

We recently wrote about the ad guy who sent out cards to friends and family this holiday despite having died several months earlier. Here's the Facebook version of that—an app called If I Die, which allows you to post farewell messages and videos on your Facebook wall after you pass away. It's simple: You craft your goodbyes, load them into the app, and then designate three of your friends as "trustees," who will confirm your death. After it's confirmed, your farewells get posted, and all your virtual friends can mourn you and "like" your final words. It's kind of morbid, but people could probably get into this—if it were positioned in a respectful, sentimental way. Unfortunately, the video for the app doesn't know what tone to take. At one point, it suggests leaving "a favorite joke" or settling an old score as your final words. If that's the case, perhaps you will be, as they say, better off dead. Via Mashable.