Fabio-Isaiah Mustafa Duel Less Violent Than Old Spice Fans Hoped

Those who were expecting to visit youtube.com/oldspice at noon ET today and see Isaiah Mustafa holding Fabio's flowing-maned head on a stick were disappointed. The duel, it turns out, will be a virtual one—involving fan votes. You can vote for "Team Old Spice Guy" or "Team Fabio" by clicking on buttons on the first couple of videos below—with presumably more to come (though they sure are arriving at a dial-up pace). Mustafa further explains that you can also show support for either man by "liking, sharing, commenting, tweeting, posting, or all other things smart Internet people do. All of these things will be tallied to choose a winner." UPDATE: It looks like they'll be replying to the same tweets, and thus going head-to-head with their responses. See below. For the hell of it, you can also vote in AdFreak's poll below, which offers a third option for those who think the Wieden + Kennedy campaign is over the hill.