Evian's Talented Fridge Magnet Restocks Your Bottled Water

BETC calms a moment of panic

Imagine the future. You're plumbing the depths of the oversized fridge at your chateau in the south of France, and you realize you're running low on bottled water. Panic! Nope. Just close the door, and punch a few buttons on your specialized drop-shaped water-ordering gadget from Evian—affixed by a magnet to the fridge—and it uses your WiFi to commune with the distant water-delivery gods, who will restock your supply. BETC Digital, a unit of BETC Euro RSCG, created the gadget to ease the burdens of bottled-water-guzzling life—and to promote the brand's new water-delivery service, evianchezvous.com, which translates roughly to Evian at Home. The agency "aims to offer the drop to the most faithful users of the evianchezvous.com service by 2013." Meaning that maybe you can get one if you buy a ton of bottled water for the next year. Sure, the bit of extra convenience could be nice. Or, you know, you could reach into your pocket and order your water the old-fashioned, peasant way … with your smartphone.