Everything Is Painfully Awesome in Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer Remade With Legos

Now these are some sex toys

Fifty Shades of Grey, the movie based on the controversial book about BDSM and heavy breathing, apparently, comes out on Friday. Thankfully, Lego has one-upped the trailer (not that it would have been hard) by creating it scene by scene with Legos.

The attention to detail is perfect, from Christian Grey's brooding face to the weird Skinemax scenes at the end. And it's the second fan-made Lego re-creation video in as many weeks, following A+C Studios' Lego versions of Super Bowl ads.

A note from the creator, Antonio Toscano: "Lego Group is not even remotely involved in this video, except for the fact that I have bought a lot of their products during my life. Universal Pictures is not involved in this, this video is not at all part of a promotional campaign for the movie, I am not getting any money for it and I don't care at all for this movie to be an audience success or not."

So, Lego's not officially into re-creating soft-core porn, I guess.