Everything 2.0, your number is almost up

It’s bad enough that any semi-scandal gets the ­“-gate” suffix (see the New England Patriots’ Cameragate), but it’s time to retire “2.0.” Web 2.0 was a useful marketing term for describing a hodgepodge of new companies that really had very little in common. But soon enough, 2.0 began getting slapped on anything to give it a quick, hip sheen. The trend took a hit with the demise of Business 2.0, but is hardly dead. For me, it reached its nadir when I got an e-mail from the self-described “Napkin Man” announcing “Napkin 2.0,” which apparently involves “high-definition napkins” (shown here) imprinted with ad messages. Not content with the 2.0 by itself, Napkin Man goes on to explain that Napkin 2.0 is “viral.” Though I really hope people don’t share napkins. That’s not 2.0; that’s gross.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey