Every Horrible, Pandering Corporate Website in One Handy Homepage

Breathtakingly vile and useless

The average corporate website, it's true, is almost offensively awful. Now, its multitude of shortcomings are amusingly (and profanely) outlined on a new parody page, EveryFuckingWebsite.com. The page deconstructs, bit by bit, all the soul-sucking blandness, rote misery and cynical opportunism of the real thing. It's even designed poorly—whether intentionally or not. It's reminiscent of the Condescending Corporate Brand Page over on Facebook. They should like each other. EveryFuckingWebsite.com appears to be the work of one Al Beuscher, a Web content director at a healthcare startup, whose vitriol extends to his own online presence—in particular, his bio website AlisFullOfShit.com.