Even Malcolm McDowell Can’t Make Lunchables Sophisticated in These Ridiculous Ads

Fun from Mcgarrybowen and McClammy

Advertising that makes fun of advertising is all the rage these days—and now thespian Malcolm McDowell has joined talents like Ewen McGregor, Ricky Gervais and Anna Kendrick in essentially mocking the whole process, and their participation in it.

The veteran actor stars in two new spots for Lunchables, created by agency Mcgarrybowen and directed by Wayne McClammy (recently featured as one of Adweek's 10 Creative 100 directors). In both videos, McDowell is dressed like Steve Buscemi from his "how do you do, fellow kids" 30 Rock cameo, attempting to relate to today's hip young people as he teaches them how to prepare Lunchables Walking Tacos.

Given his career has taken him from A Clockwork Orange to Entourage and Metalocalypse, his latest role—launched with more commercials from mcgarrybowen and McClammy this spring—might be a bit of an eyebrow-raiser. Maybe he had gambling debts no one knew about?

Then again, the ill fit is also the point. While no one as photogenic as the people in these ads—least of all McDowell—will ever actually eat a Lunchables Walking Taco, the videos are great. It's clear that McClammy and McDowell are having tremendous fun with the material, which is all you need to make the basic concept work.

And really, is it fair to say that McDowell is slumming it here? He was in a Slipknot video, after all. That not to mention he broke the advertising seal in 2013, starring alongside James Earl Jones in dramatic readings for Sprint—McDowell's first commercials ever.


Client: Kraft Foods

Advertising Agency: mcgarrybowen

Chief Creative Officer: Ned Crowley

Group Creative Directors: Todd Brusnighan, Doug Behm

Director of Content Production: Steve Ross

Agency Producer: Mike Dahl

Account Managing Director: Kate Burke

Account Director: Ellen Cohen

Production Company: Hungry Man

Director: Wayne McClammy

Executive Producer: Mino Jarjoura

Editing Company: Cutters

Editor: Grant Gustafson

Visual Effects Company: Flavor

Final Color: Nice Shoes

Colorist: Ron Sudul

Final Mix Company: Another Country

Mixer: David Gerbosi