Even Joe Buck hates Joe Buck in Fox spots


Everyone hates Joe Buck. This is an established truth, one that we’ve remarked on for years. The Fox broadcaster is so universally maligned, you expect his mother to publicly criticize him next. But no—now it is Joe who has been outed as a self-hater in Fox Sports Marketing’s campaign for the network’s Super Bowl telecast. The spots (directed by Smuggler’s Renny Maslow and edited by Arcade Edit’s Greg Scruton) feature Dr. Phil McGraw addressing a conflict on the Fox broadcasting team between those who’ve won Super Bowl rings and those who haven’t. Buck, as one of the non-winners (aka losers), is labeled a self-hater. In Joe’s defense, he denies loathing himself—though on Dr. Phil’s show, of course, this simply means you do loathe yourself, plus you are in denial. The press release explains further: “Sure, Strahan, Terry, Howie, Jimmy, and Troy have rings upon rings, but the sniping and feelings of inadequacy coming from Joe, Curt, and Frank has got to come to a stop.” Here’s hoping Joe will be somewhat less inadequate than usual come Sunday. Three more clips after the jump.